Creating A Lifetime of Memories...


The Countdown Begins!

9 months+ before wedding

  • Share the news of your engagement with your family and friends
  • Submit your announcement to local websites (i.e.
  • Set your budget
  • Pick THE date
  • Meet with your wedding officiant
  • Research and look at reception locations, keep in mind the theme / style you envision - be prepared to be flexible with the date if you are set on a specific venue
  • Research and interview photographers and videoographers
  • Create your guest list
  • Order save-the-dates and invitations
  • Start shopping for your gown (if you haven't already!)

 6-9 months before wedding

  • Mail out save-the-dates
  • Choose your attendants and shop for dresses
  • Start looking into honeymoon locations and flight information
  • Register for gifts

 4-6 months before wedding

  • Make your hair/makeup appointment for the big day
  • Make final changes to guest list
  • Plan the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • Reserve a block of rooms for out-of-town guests
  • Finalize your honeymoon plans


2-4 months before wedding

  • Start addressing invitations
  • Get the men's fashions in order with your soon-to-be husband
  • Select play lists / music for the reception
  • Pick out favors
  • Plan and shop for welcome bags
  • Book your wedding-night room

4-8 weeks before wedding

  • Mail out invitations
  • Do a test run on your hair/makeup
  • Send ceremony programs and place card to be printed
  • Write vows

2-4 weeks before wedding

  • Finalize the seating chart and place cards
  • Confirm details with your vendors
  • Get your final dress fitting

1 week before wedding

  • Give the caterer the final head count
  • Pick up your dress
  • Break in your wedding shoes by walking around the house
  • Pack for your honeymoon
  • Organize your wedding day payments

1 day before wedding

  • Get a mani-pedi
  • Take it easy and get plenty of sleep

The Big Day

  • Make sure you eat and drink plenty of water!
  • Enjoy YOUR day!

How-To-Write Your Wedding Vows

Writing your own wedding vows can be kind of scary! You want to create something special for your spouse that says exactly how you feel, but you also want to impress the hundreds of family and friends watching you. According to Wedding Meltdown, it’s one of those things that you really want to be perfect.

#1 – Make a Plan With Your Fiancé

Don’t go it alone!   You need to make a couple decisions with your fiancé to make sure you are both on the same track.  Come to agreement on the tone, and length of the vows to make sure they sort of match when you get up there.

#2 – Clear Your Head and Your Schedule

If you want to write inspiring vows that will wow your future spouse, you have to get set up.  That means turn off the TV, your cell phone, radio, etc., and find a quiet place to think.

#3 – Decide What the Feel of Your Wedding Is

If your wedding is a very formal religious ceremony, you probably shouldn’t give the same vows you might at an intimate beach setting.  That’s why the first step is to identify what type of wedding you are having.  Here are a couple categories your wedding ceremony might fall into – Traditional, Modern, Theme Specific, Small and Intimate, Religious, Civil Union, or Vow Renewal.

#4 – Don’t Re-Invent The Wheel

Just because you are writing your own wedding vows doesn’t mean you can’t get inspiration from those you have gone before.  There are some great examples of wedding vows online. Take ten minutes and find the perfect – or almost perfect – wedding vow that you can adapt to your own wedding.

#5 – Decide If There Are Any Special References

Do you have a special story or an inside joke?  A great way to take a generic vow and make it something completely special is to reference something special and unique to the two of you!  Maybe it is the proposal, the first date, a special trip, or even a (hopefully tasteful) joke. It could even be the first kiss, or the moment you knew you were meant to be together. Try to find an appropriate way to incorporate it into the vows.  It doesn’t matter if no one else gets it as long as it means something to both of you! Just be yourselves.  If it means being a little crazy or funny, that’s good, because this day is all about you. (Source:  Wedding Meltdown)


Know the right thing to say on your invites

The wedding invitation often creates the first impression guests receive of the nuptials to come - no wonder it is so important to get it right.

Engaged couples grapple with so many variables:  they may have multiple sets of parents due to remarriages, they may be tempted by alluring new conveniences such as email invitations.

The invitation should not be a matter of who is paying. If you have more than one set of parents, let the invitation read, 'the family of Miss Jen Smith...' It is a nice way to keep everyone involved and not excluded anyone.

Another popular concern is when to send invitations. Allow 6-8 weeks for the printing. Mail the invitations 6 weeks before the date.

For destination weddings, send a save-the-date card several months in advance and follow up with an invitation.

How-to Register Tastefully
1. Give your guests a few options. Stores with easy-to-order web sites are always best.
2. If possible, register at the store. It is best to see what things look like in person.

3. Register for a range of gifts in all price categories.

4. Update your registry every week.

5. Get things you both want. Remember, it is all about compromise.